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Touch Me Lord Ministries

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To ensure that no child lacks food, water, or shelter where we are involved To give hope to the hopeless and homeless children in our communities To give love and comfort to the unloved, neglected and hurting children To ensure children have the basic things they need such as: clothing, shoes and toiletries


To provide a nourishing meal for all children from any culture or ethnic background below the poverty line, whose personal circumstances are beyond their control. We aim to give such children hope. As a team, we strive to bring some hope to the children in need, building a vision of a brighter future. We know the importance of nutrition to a child in the early ages, which is why the team focuses on improving the ability of the children to develop their fullest potential.

The Touch Me Lord Feeding Networks in Wepener provide a large number of orphans and poor children in Wepener and the surrounding townships, with a plate of food on a daily basis, most of whom have no birth certificates. We do not only provide food needs, but we also work with the Social workers in town to help with the applications for children without birth certificates so that they can have access to government funding and school admission. We also provide these children with medication, clothing, shoes, blankets, toys and toiletries all made possible by donations from people who care.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe place for children who are vulnerable due to abuse and neglect, without discriminating against race, gender, class or religion To give physical, social and spiritual nutrients through the love and strength of our Lord To continue skills development and training offered to young people To continue empowerment projects that teach young people who dropped out of school To create employment, and induce entrepreneurship To care and cater for abused children of all races, gender and class To provide care for HIV/AIDS infected children

About Pastor Johan

Pastor Johan Meiring
When the young Johan Meiring dedicated his life to the Lord at the age of eight he never expected it to become a crusade against hunger and poverty among vulnerable children. In 1997, at the age of only 19, he became a full-time evangelist and missionary in his home town Wepener and the adjoining mountain kingdom, Lesotho. He traveled extensively to bring the Gospel to thousands of people who live in remote and inaccessible villages. Six years later, in 2003 he started Touch Me Lord Ministries in Wepener, where he served as Senior Pastor.

In 2009 the church decided to join forces with the International Network of Grace Ministries. He has a passion for children. He believes that a nation that fails to take care of its children fails to take care of its future and that poverty is like a cancer, eating away at our hopes and dreams for the future. When he talks about his work, you quickly realize that it's not just a job for him, it's a vocation, a calling - to feed the hungry children and the forgotten widows, clothe them, care for them, bring them the Good News, and even bury them. He pushes himself and his helpers to the limit.

In 2010, the ongoing battle to obtain financial aid to help these impoverished people drove him sell one of his two vehicles and some furniture to buy seeds and equipment necessary to help the people cultivate vegetables gardens. During the past eight years, his church knocked on the doors of many well-established churches for help and donations. Pastor Johan said that it proved to be a futile and disappointing exercise, with little or no help received. "How can people have church buildings worth millions of Rands, and then turn away from thousands of children literally dying of hunger?" The church consists out of a tent and they run the ministry from there.

Pastor Johan's congregation stretches from Wepener, Vanstadensrus, Zastron and Hobhouse to Lesotho and also includes several squatter camps, such as Khaba Square, Kanana and Sefaya Town. People living in these camps remind one of Ethiopian famine victims. They are dying of hunger daily although a big city like Bloemfontein is only 100 km away. (Volksblad newspaper 01 Nov 2010) With financial help and support Pastor Johan and his helpers could do what they do best - feed the hungry, care for the sick and save lost souls. Instead, he has to travel continually to enlist the support of people who care enough to help.

Pastor Johan Meiring has a great compassion for souls and travelled since 1997 all over South-Africa and Lesotho. He conducted more than 115 crusades ever since and saw more than 285000 sinners coming to faith in Christ. Pastor Johan Meiring was ordained in 2009 as the Director of Miracle Valley Bible College in South-Africa by Dr. Paul Cunningham from Oklahoma, United States of America; Pastor Johan is also the Representatative of Trans World Incorporation which operates around the world.