Feeding Network

Touch Me Lord Ministries has established a network of feeding centers to reach out in the community. The centers takes care of the needs of the vulnerable children by proving food, clothing, blankets and food parcels to their families. The centers on their own do not keep children in their premises due to lack of infrastructure.

The children are catered for in our day facilities where we give those three meals a day. We also have a feeding scheme whereby we feed the destitute families, widows and senior citizens with no means of support.

Feeding Center in Wepener

By vulnerable children we are referring to those individuals who no birth certificates and therefore no access to childcare grants from the government, the abused and neglected children. The orphans due to HIV/AIDS pandemic and otherwise etc. There are children left to fend for themselves in this hard and cold world.

Most of the children come from child headed households (where a child takes a parent role in caring for his/her siblings) which means that the circumstances are more difficult. We are none funded and depends on the mercy of the society at large to keep our door open, we appeal to people like you to put in their help in helping to keep our children fed and hopeful. The world is full of resources and food is available everywhere and yet there is limited distribution and access to it.

The garden we planted for the children.

Our outreach ministry also empowers young people (mostly boys) in different communities in and around Wepener through community projects such as Vegetable Tunnels. Young children that have dropped out of school have found hope and purpose for their lives through these projects.