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Touch Me Lord Ministries is a small church with a big heart and we do to the best of our ability to fulfill the vision and mission that God has given us, not just in Wepener (South Africa) but both nationally and internationally.

We see the church of Christ as a family and not a religious assembly of believers. The apostle, Paul referred to it as a family in Ephesians 3:15. If we do not have this perception of the church, we will be deceived to think that the church belongs to us and not to God. Paul clearly states here that the church is the family of God and belongs to God, not to any man.

As part of the 5-fold ministry we are stewards of God's church and only watch over it as shepherds or as the angel of the church, but under no circumstances does the church belongs to us.

We are called to serve God's people and not to rule over them; Jesus shows us the heart of leadership and mentorship by washing his disciples feet in John 13: 3-5. He became humble and served, and even though he could rule as the Son of God, he chose to serve.

We pray today that the church of Christ can serve one another that we can adopt the principle of servanthood and humility and forget about positions and titles. What is important is Jesus being glorified and exalted in all the earth. We should never desire to be worshiped or draw the attention to us as the creation but always show forth to the One who deserves all our praise, Jesus Christ and him alone.

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P.O. BOX 146

Church Office
Telephone: (+27)51 583 1889
Email: touchmelord320@gmail.com

SENIOR PASTOR: Johan Meiring

Cell Number: (+27)84 369 9210
Email: pastormeiring@gmail.com